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Wait. What is Medstore.com?

Medstore.com is a platform connecting medical hospitals, retailers, customers with medical equipments manufacturers, distributors & dealers.

How does it work?

Medical Equipments Manufacturers & distributors are allowed to register as a seller with medstore.com and will be able to list products they are dealing with online. Medstore.com promotes those products to related clients and generates enquires.

Who are Allowed to Register as Seller?

If you are a manufacturer or distributor and you are dealing with a product that is used in medical industry.

How does Medstore.com Promote My Product?

Medstore.com will connect with various clients such as Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Retailers and understand their needs and show relevant products.

Does Medstore.com Charge Commission for Sales?

No, We do not charge any type of commission for sales.

Is There a Membership fee?

Yes, But Membership fee is free for 1 year for first 1000 seller registration, So Hurry. * A valid seller should list minimum 5 products to be eligible for free membership.

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